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Jenny Park

About Me

I LISTEN. I listen to your needs, your wants, your must-haves, your questions, and your concerns. I offer you answers to your questions and present you with as much knowledge as possible so you can make the most sound and educated decision(s) of your life. I succeed by having a plan and being prompt and I ALWAYS answer my phone.

I am a chameleon. My strength is assessing people quickly and conforming to their needs. I’m out-going, but don’t count me out of a strong negotiation; I’m never afraid to ask! I understand the importance of making your transaction about you and only you: not Joe down the street, not the insistent relative, and especially not about me, your agent.

Part of my passion in real estate is to educate. I will research and find answers for you, regardless if it involves a transaction. I am a proud Korean-American, UTSA alum, avid dog-lover, fan of the world champion San Antonio Spurs, and a native to the east coast (Virginia).

Call me or send me an email today and let’s see how fast I can get you into the home of your dreams or sell your home to make room for your next journey ahead!

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