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New Construction Inventory

Check out these New Construction Homes.  These are just some of the new homes that are Available Now in some of San Antonio’s Hottest areas!

Many of these homes may still qualify for additional builder incentives or buyer promotions!

For more information on any of these homes or on any other new homes in the area, give us a call (210)209-8711 or shoot us an email toady!

[table caption=”Stone Oak & Far North San Antonio”]

Code[attr style=”width:5px”],Sq.ft.,Beds,Baths,Garage,Price,Available,Description

FNCX01,1723,3,2,2,$175175,NOW,1 Story *ZERO DOWN Available

FNCX02,1430,3,2,2,$167405,NOW,1 Story *ZERO DOWN Available

FNCX03,1430,3,2,2,$165855,NOW,1 Story *ZERO DOWN Available

FNCX04,1723,3,2,2,$175682,NOW,1 Story *ZERO DOWN Available

FNCX05,2101,3,2.5,2,$175682,NOW,2 Story *ZERO DOWN Available

FNCX06,2105,3,2,2,$213445,NOW,2 Story *Huge Incentive *ZERO DOWN Available

FNCX07,2751,4,2.5,2,$226550,NOW, *Huge Incentive 1 Story *ZERO DOWN Available

FNSF01,2838,3,2.5,2,$332990,NOW,Terra Bella 1.5 Story *No City Taxes!

FNSF02,2999,4,3.5,2,$347990,Feb,Terra Bella 2 Story *No City Taxes!

FNGH01,2708,4,2.5,3,$374788,NOW,Mountain Lodge 2 Story *Reduced from $399788

FNGH02,3675,4,35,2,$414761,Dec,Mountain Lodge 2 Story *Reduced from $449761



I-10 & Far  Northwest San Antonio


[table caption=”Far West San Antonio”]

Code[attr style=”width:5px”],Sq.ft.,Beds,Baths,Garage,Price,Available,Description

FWAH01,1835,4,2.5,2,$179005,NOW,2 Story *No City Taxes *ZERO Down Avail.

FWAH02,1549,3,2,2,$170560,NOW,1 Story *No City Taxes *ZERO Down Avail.

FWAH03,1467,3,2,2,$171,169,1 Story * No City Taxes *ZERO Down Avail.

FWAH04,2095,3,2.5,2,$188580,Dec,2 Story * No City Taxes *ZERO Down Avail.

FWAH05,1750,3,2,2,$180659,Jan,1 Story *No City Taxes *ZERO Down Avail.

FWAH05,4,2.5,2,$244209Mar,*Corner Lot * No City Taxes *ZERO Down Avail.

FWGH01,2802,4,2.5,2,$284293,NOW,Alamo Ranch 2 Story *Reduced from $314793

FWGH02,2454,4,2.5,2,$264194,Dec,Alamo Ranch 2 Story *Reduced from $275152

FWGH03,2802,4,2.5,2,$289213,NOW,Alamo Ranch 2 Story *Reduced from $314713

FWGH04,3600,4,3.5,3,$384010,NOW,Alamo Ranch 2 Story *Reduced from $439010

FWGH05,3796,4,3.5,3,$389329,NOW,Alamo Ranch 2 Story *Reduced from $433079

FWGH06,2500,4,2,2,$324041,NOW,Alamo Ranch 1 Story *Reduced from $356791



Far Northeast San Antonio


[table caption=”I-35 to Schertz & New Braunfels”]

Code[attr style=”width:5px”],Sq.ft.,Beds,Baths,Garage,Price,Available,Description

35RY01,2768,4,3,2,$389990,NOW,Garden Ridge Single Story *Reduced from $422101

35RY02,2775,4,4,3,$424990,NOW,Garden Ridge Single Story *Reduced from $456151



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